What is Living Last Supper?

Sierra Front community residents and visitors are invited to attend the Living Last Supper drama inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s world-famous painting of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples.


Local area churches will present the drama in several locations during the week prior to Easter.


The Living Last Supper is based on the moment immortalized in Da Vinci’s painting when Jesus tells his disciples that one of them will betray him. The 13 actors’ attire and positions portray a full-life image of the painting. Then, one by one, Leonardo imagines each of the disciples reflecting on his experiences with the Savior and attempting to answer the soul-searching question regarding the coming betrayal, “Is it I, Lord?” (Will I be the one to betray the Master?)


Originally written by Reverend Ernest K. Emurian of Elm Avenue Methodist Church, Portsmouth, Virginia, several years ago, the drama is designed to reveal the true meaning of Easter, a Christian holiday. The presentation takes the audience back 2,000 years to the night of Jesus’ betrayal that was followed by His execution soon after and His resurrection three days later. It is intended to inspire viewers to understand that everyone—even those who experienced personal fellowship with Jesus when He walked on earth 2,000 years ago—falls short of God’s perfection and needs a Savior.


The one-hour drama is special in that it depicts the unique backgrounds and personalities of the 12 disciples in one setting, unlike the Bible, which either portrays them in groups or individually.


The family-friendly event is free of charge, and refreshments will follow the hour-long presentation.


Please call 775-443-6999 for more information.